Make the lives of students easier, one search at a time.

Scholarr is an easy and accessible option for high school students struggling to match certain extracurriculars and activities with their interests. Through pre-built recommendation algorithms, Scholarr finds the most optimal activity for any student’s needs.

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Overwhelmed with the myriad of activities available on the Internet and faced with a number of demanding tasks to perform on a daily basis, students are unable to find opportunities that complement their interests.


Scholarr gives a place to access resources depending on the student’s passion. Furthermore, Scholarr can act as a time management platform and offer career paths that are tailored towards the student’s interests.

How It Works

Scholarr compiles its recommendations from a database of extracurricular activities. Through an algorithmic process, Scholarr is able to adapt and find the best recommendation that tailors to the student’s interests.

Why Do We Need It

Often, students are unable to figure out their next steps in life. Especially during high school, it’s important for individuals to grow and find their interests. Scholarr helps these students so that they are more prepared for what’s coming next.

Our Impact

Scholarr aims to make a sizable impact on the high school education system by reaching out to high school students who can utilize this service to help themselves as well as others. Scholarr will prepare students to face real life and any struggles that they may face.



Simple Operability

Scholarr boasts an easy-to-use platform for prospective students hoping to quickly find their desired extracurriculars matching their interests.

Customizable Interface

Scholarr provides a flexible user interface for students looking to test out the different features of the app, including time management tools and AP recommendations.

Free Support and Updates

Scholarr gives fast service and support for those who have questions about the platform or want to expand their knowledge on what our service offers.

Filled with Features

Scholarr features numerous sections meant to tackle the different problems that a student may face in high school. Feel free to contact us through the website.

Extensive Outreach

Scholarr provides the most up-to-date list of options by constantly getting feedback from our partnered schools and updates from high schools around the country.

Powerful Impact

Scholarr prepares students for the future, providing them with a set of extracurriculars that align with their interests and the information provided to the service.