Who we are

About Us


We started with one sole mission in mind: to accelerate our ability to solve pressing problems for humanity. Through innovations in the healthcare and education sector, we were able to accomplish this goal and enrich people’s lives around the world.

Located in Union City, California, Neuralyte is next to Silicon Valley, one of the largest technological platforms in the world. We currently have an extensive portfolio of services tailored towards what the individual is currently looking for, ranging from recommendation services from high school students to disease outbreak and trend identifiers for interested individuals.
Loaded with features, our innovative and widespread platform reflects current consumer needs and serves to make a significant impact on the current global situation. According to our consumers, our products are shown to be both convenient and simple to operate.

Through our innovative solutions, our company can be seen to positively impact the user in a meaningful way. We aim to constantly improve user experience and engagement with our constant updates and support; if you have any questions or want to integrate one of these products into your own company, feel free to contact us!


Meenal Iyer

Chief Executive Officer

Supervising operations within the company and managing consumer relations.

Sumeet Mittal

Chief Financial Officer

Handling financial decisions and the paperwork towards starting and maintaining the company.

Aditya Mittal

Chief Technology Officer

Building the technological foundation behind our products and ensuring rapid delivery.

Karthik Mittal

Chief Product Officer

Ideating product ideas and identifying viable technological solutions to implement.