A transformative force in the fields of education and healthcare.

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Global events constantly disrupt up industries from manufacturing to education. It’s often difficult to adapt quickly and develop solutions to counter these problems. Neuralyte serves to pinpoint specific problems and provide easy-to-use solutions for easy use and comfort.



We provide open-source platforms that work to fix current problems in the world with artificial intelligence techniques. By tackling mainstream industries like education and healthcare, Neuralyte aims to be widespread in their intent to better individual lives.



From the innumerable problems facing our society today, we hope to solve a few and make an impact on society as a result. Our contribution in the healthcare and education industriess will hopefully allow for a healthier and more prosperous future ahead.



We cover a wide number of industries from education to healthcare, with the sole purpose of improving individual lives.


We serve to tackle existing problems and issues in the world through creative, out-of-the-box solutions in their respective industries.


We allow for easy and greater accessibility, as our products are cheap and generally require little expertise to operate.

Loaded with Features

Our products have a vast array of features to choose from so that each individual need is met regardless of the service.

Emerging Technologies

Our current solutions integrate machine learning to ensure that our products are extremely accessible and efficient.

Understanding Consumer Needs

We understand current user needs and tailors our solutions towards optimizing user enjoyment and productivity.


Scholarr is an extracurricular recommendation service for students who are unsure what opportunities to pursue and are unable to actively search for existing pathways due to heavy school and familial workloads. Students can find programs they are passionate about, allowing for greater efficiency in their day.

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By extracting key words from online news headlines and utilizing unsupervised machine learning algorithms to geographically cluster different locations based on those key words, COVID-19 outbreaks can accurately be found in an accessible manner.

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Meenal Iyer

Chief Executive Officer

Supervising operations within the company and managing consumer relations.

Sumeet Mittal

Chief Financial Officer

Handling financial decisions and the paperwork towards starting and maintaining the company.

Aditya Mittal

Chief Technology Officer

Building the technological foundation behind our products and ensuring rapid delivery.

Karthik Mittal

Chief Product Officer

Ideating product ideas and identifying viable technological solutions to implement.